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CSS for Design Systems

FRI 20.9.
11:00 - 11:40
Lucerna Music Bar

Design systems and UI libraries are a popular topic more than ever before. The most challenging tasks for front-end developers is to ensure the technical functionality and maintainability. The decisions we make today have an impact on the team’s work for several years ahead. And our goal is not to change our minds on a frequent basis. Neither want we bother our team mates with a complicated workflow.

Is there a difference between style guide and design system? How can we build and adopt a component UI library successfully, no matter the technology we use? What tools, methods and processes should we apply?

Adam Kudrna

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Freelance Front-end Designer

Adam is freelance Front-end Designer, consultant and lecturer from Prague, CZ. His work focuses on development of sustainable UI libraries for fast websites, utilising his long-year experience gained among others at VisionApps, a digital agency he co-founded. He writes about all those things at Frontend Garden and speaks at Czech front-end events, some of which he also organises.