The poor state of innovation in Czech Republic


When we started to address the issue of innovation at 2FRESH, we figured out two things. People hate the word innovation, and people talk about innovation a lot, but in reality, only a fraction of them ever achieve it. And because we like to explore things in depth, we wanted to find out the mysterious reason why innovations often remain on the page. That’s how SPINN — The Study of Problems with Innovation — came to life. We asked people in big companies, mid-size companies, and growing startups, and it seems that even the most diverse players have a common problem hampering their innovation across the market. What have we figured out? We’ll be sharing our result with you regarding three selected topics: verifying ideas, speeding up ideas, and setting up and meeting goals. 

Pavlína is in charge of the 2FRESH agency for innovation and products. Previously she led marketing at the online fashion store ZOOT and the online performance marketing agency She founded the #HolkyzMarketing group, which has over six thousand active members. She is also a member of the Board of Directors of Transparency International and a patron of the Social Impact Award. She writes a blog about fashion and Millennials at You can follower her on Twitter and Instagram as @pavlina_speaks.

Lukáš founded 2FRESH in 2001, where he currently works as a designer for digital products and processes. He helps people move faster and reduce project costs by discovering the right problem and identifying a successful solution. His mission is to get people to listen more and talk less, because when we talk, we don’t learn anything new.