Workshop: Research Together

Erika Hall

Mule Design


MSD, Riverview Building, Svornosti 3321/2, Prague 5

Riverview Building, Svornosti 2, Prague 5

Workshop will be in English and topic will be #Design

A unique opportunity to learn from the best. Erika will teach you how to do research as a collaborative, multidisciplinary effort involving your entire team, which is more effective than outsourcing your research.  She’ll cover the most practical approaches for better research done in less time, such as making well-informed decisions to implement in any design, development or business process.

From the people who wrote Just Enough Research, the best yet shortest book on research, from this workshop you will learn very useful insights and a novel way of thinking you can use over and over again.


Ideal for entrepreneurs, designers and marketing specialists, and for anyone who wants to incorporate research into their design, development, or business process in order to make better-informed decisions. The emphasis of this workshop is on qualitative rather than quantitative methods — interviews and observation rather than surveys and analytics. You will walk out with new ideas and practical exercises you can use immediately.


- Conduct research in any organization, budget, team, or timeframe
- Identify and formulate your key questions (Hint: they’re not the ones you think they are.)
- Choose research methods and activities
- Master the art of the interview
- Think as a team to get the best insights from your data
- Digest, report, and share insights so that none get lost or go to waste
- Convince skeptics of the value of being a skeptic
- Cultivate practical curiosity throughout your company


- This workshop will take place on September 24th at Riverview Building, Svornosti 3321/2, Prague 5
- The duration is approximately 8 hours 
- Catering service is included throughout the day
- Price per person: 310 EUR

Erika Hall directs the research, strategy, and information design practices at Mule. She has been working in web design and development since 1995.

Her enthusiasm for evidence-based decision-making led her to write Just Enough Research, published by A Book Apart. She speaks frequently to local and international audiences on topics ranging from collaboration and design research to effective interface language. Her current talks explore the limits of using quantitative data to make design decisions.