The Engagement Advantage: unearthing the simple process behind how engagement works

Scott Gould




Engagement is the big buzz word today: marketers are telling us we should do it, customers tell us they want it, and the web apps and products doing it benefit from it. Even the research tells us that engaged users are 3x as valuable… but...

The question that lies unanswered is: how do we actually do it? How do we actually strategically and consistently increase engagement?

Fortunately, there is an answer. After working in a range of engagement contexts from development to creative, and from running conferences to even being a church minister, Scott has spent the last 17 years researching and working with engagement and has made a discovery: there is a very simple process that everyone goes through to engage with anything.

That process is happening right now as you read this, as you interact with WebExpo, and as you relate to your friends and even your partner.

And it’s a process that you can quickly learn and apply, in fact with little effort.

Looking at social science, case studies, and even ancient literature, after this insightful talk you will never again scratch your head wondering what to do to engage someone!

Also, Scott is very honored to be launching his new book, The Shape of Engagement, at WebExpo. It covers the essential frameworks for understanding and operationalising engagement, and building enduring connections with your customers and communities. Claire Diaz-Ortiz, one of the early Twitter employees who championed its high levels of engagement said this book will “show you how to do the same,"


Scott Gould is an engagement strategy consultant, and is fascinated by what makes people gather together and get engaged over ideas. He’s worked with the web commercially since 1999, and even had the pleasure of starting one of the first Twitter hashtag communities. He’s also been a creative director, University lecturer, and most recently a church minister – certainly a place that needs engagement! He’s worked with lots of brands that you’ve heard of, but what matters most is that he can’t wait to meet everyone at WebExpo.