Say yes to premature optimizations

Maude Lemaire




You work in a large codebase and (surprise!) it has performance issues. Realistically, you can’t halt feature development to overhaul your core infrastructure. You also can’t expect a single person to tackle the growing heap of tech debt while everyone else plows ahead. So what can you do? Embrace premature optimizations! As it turns out, they might not be as premature as everyone thinks. Here are a few tricks to thinking like a performance engineer and some tips on convincing even the most stubborn of naysayers that a little forward thinking is the answer to their problems.

Maude is backend engineer at Slack in San Francisco. She is a founding member of the enterprise performance team, working to scale the product to support some of the world’s largest companies. She spends most of her time chasing down people making network calls in a loop, refactoring unwieldy chunks of code, and consolidating redundant database schemas.

Prior to Slack, Maude worked at Rent the Runway in New York. She has a degree in software engineering from McGill University.