PHP, PSR-7, and mild immutability within the law

Martin Bohal


Sustainable and clean PHP code can be written without MVC. I will show you the joys and traps associated with the use of middleware and everything you can conjure up with them. In fact, this talk will demonstrate how easy it is to build ready-made libraries and frameworks so that they do what we want without having to worry too much.

Martin works as the head of technology at VisionApps. He is in charge of the quality of development, server reliability, and the satisfaction of the people who work with him. He previously worked as developer of an online betting environment, and then as a freelance developer. While he was taking some time off from the stress of a 24/7 security guarantee when even small projects had stopped being enjoyable, he founded VisionApps with other like-minded people. Currrently, he is mainly interested in using web, mobile, and IoT clients to create systems with transitions into the physical world. He enjoys things that are not more complicated than necessary, it's just enough when they're on the edge and it doesn't have to be bleeding.