Marketing automation, or why aren't you doing this yet

Jan Kalianko

E-shop konzultant, CEO Svě



Here’s the basic rule: “Anything you have to do more than once - automate.” This not only applies to websites, but actually to many things on websites that you no longer have to do today and there’s no relevant reason not to start immediately. We are always hunting for search engine rankings, web usability, and who know what else. But who looks after the visitors and customers who are already loyal or have already purchased? Almost no one…This talk is intended for e-shops, magazines, and personal or corporate websites. It will be an inspiration for owners, directors, and marketers, and a guide for product managers and programmers. A small inspiring look into the future, so make sure to come.

I am an e-shop consultant and have had daily experience since 2009. Most often I tune up websites from the perspective of usability (UX) and conversions (CRO). I work with numbers from analytics and implement qualitative and quantitative user testing. After that, I draw conclusions from all the data and propose changes, which I continue to measure. 
Recently, I’ve also been intensively focusing on marketing automation, which I believe is the future of the online world. Understanding the needs of your visitors/customers is an amazing weapon that can help you earn more money for the same entry conditions.