Leadership through change, 10 themes to explore the possibilities of the future, now

Tom Goodwin




Today, Tom will explore 10 themes that capture the spirit of the modern world, the threats and the opportunities. Based in years of quantitive and qualitative study, he’ll explore themes like the pervasive internet which means the digital divide disappears, to the new realities and canvases of VR and AR to a future world of personalization, voice interactions, predictive computing and advertising that builds to form stories.

This is a must see talk for marketers, technologists and business leaders to understand change in context, to see the distractions from the profound, the opportunities from the threats and to provide positive leadership for all through out fast changing times.

Tom is the EVP of Innovation at Zenith Media,, his role is to understand new technology, behaviors and platforms and ideate and implement solutions for clients.

An industry provocateur he's a frequent writer for the Guardian, TechCrunch, MediaPost, Forbes , GQ, Ad Age, Wired, Quartz, Ad Week, Inc, the World Economic Forum, Digiday and more.

Voted the #1 Voice in Marketing Globally by LinkedIn (with over 390,000 followers) and the number 2 people in Advertising to follow by Fast Company.  Tom is a keynote speaker around the world at advertising, marketing and business conferences.