How to tame technical debt when under pressure from business challenges

Ondřej Mysliveček




The world is accelerating. Fast. And constantly. One startup follows after another. Even major players have successfully gotten involved with enterprises that have managed to adapt and flourish. Competition is fierce. Business pressure is rising. And at this time, it's more necessary than ever not to let technical debt become overgrown, which can steal from "production" capacities. So, how do you make it grow as slow as possible? And ideally, what can you do to reduce it? Maybe I won't be able to give you a universal manual, but I believe that what has worked well for us at LMC, in an environment of 15 agile product development teams, will give you some ideas that you'll be able to use anywhere.

I stand on the border between technology and business. I was originally headed into the cold world of technology and development when the winds of ČVUT carried me into business and product management, where I started my career. Gradually, my path took me from product manager at to the Head of Product Management at LMC. And all of that, in the context of breaking the current rules, would lead me back into the "same" river of technology. This time as a CTO. However, a love of business and the exploration of the unknown has remained in my blood, and as a result, I have promoted and cultivated the field of data science at LMC (and the multinational group which LMC belongs to). And our first "experiment", a recommendation engine is already successfully deployed in several carrier services of the group.