Homomorphic Encryption - The future of the banking security

  • Pavel Michalík, Developer at Česká spořitelna

  • Jan Sechovec, Innovation evangelist


  • Jaroslav Machaň, API&SDK owner & API evangelist


  • Petr Michalík, Developer


Lucerna Great Hall

Talk will be in English and topic will be #Development

You might know our crew of digital punks from the last three years. After the last WebExpo, the following similar questions might have occurred to you: 

How far has our homomorphically encrypted API, which is causing a stir around the world, managed to go in one year? 
Come and see the future of securing your data in a way that even Elon Musk only dreams of!

Internet banking as a platform? Opening a platform up to third-party developers? In the oldest bank in the country? 
Sure thing, come find out how we built fintech Nimitz for the Erste Group!

We’ve prepared prototypes of the best of what we’ve successfully managed to achieve in our technical museum. We want to blow your minds again on a new topic and leave you speechless for a bit —we’re looking forward to it!

Just like every car needs a motor, Paul needs WebAPI to make sense. He is the godfather of agile development at Česká spořitelna and a destroyer of corporate myths. When he’s not crushing code, he’s catching comets in the night sky with his brother.

Honza follows current trends and opens the eyes of others. He is a cross between a talented engineer and an innovator. More than 15 years of experience with hard work in corporate companies, his own business, and also several battlefields have given him energy so concentrated that an energy drink would turn green with envy. 

Jaroslav is an API evangelist who fell in love with his team and works at Česká spořitelna. He enjoys proving to the world that when you really want something, you can achieve it - even in a bank. It’s his first experience in corporate, so he sees all the places where we need to push ourselves in order to work as hard as humanly possible. For example, a press release is a rap song to him. He writes stories that no one knows. 

Peter is one of the intellectual fathers of WebAPI with the heart and soul of an innovative developer. He spends his spare time exploring the depths of space with his telescope and promoting (not only among his colleagues) the Society for Interplanetary Matter.