Jeremy Keith



We’re working on increasingly complex websites. There’s a temptation to match this growth with increasingly complex solutions. But there’s a real value in keeping things simple...or at least _starting_ things simple. If you can build a solid robust foundation, there’s a good chance that your work will be future-friendly. Prepare to have your brain subtly rewired as we look beneath the surface-level implementation details of the web to reveal the semantic structure below. Whether you’re publishing content or building the latest hot app, the principle of progressive enhancement will change the way you think about your work.

When Jeffrey Zeldman wanted to start publishing books, Jeremy Keith (HTML5 For Web Designers: Return Of The Standards) was the person he turned to first. You, along with 157,000 followers, might also know him as @adactio - a fantastic author, speaker, and one of the organizers of the dConstruct Conference. Jeremy lives in Brighton, England, where he makes websites for the design agency Clearleft.