Designing the Pivot

Julia Khusainova




Many companies hit a crucial moment when they realise that the future of their business involves building a new product line different from anything they’ve done previously. This comes with many questions - how to keep the design principles intact while building a new product with a new set of requirements and a new user base? How not to alienate or confuse existing users? How to avoid starting from scratch and build a system that is scalable for the future?

In this talk, Julia Khusainova walks through her process for developing new products from ideation, testing and validation, development, to release and beyond — achieving business goals without compromising the user experience. 

Julia Khusainova has years of experience working with everything from scrappy startups to established companies. She’s seen more pivots than she thought was possible.

Julia Khusainova is an Experience Designer at Airbnb, where she’s responsible for crafting high-quality experiences for travelers and hosts all over the world. Previously she led design for a new product line at Shyp, worked on growth and systems at Twitter, and established design and brand strategy for several early-stage startups.
Julia’s areas of expertise include user experience, interaction and visual design, product development and art direction & photography. Her work has been featured in publications including the Dribbble blog, Design Details podcast, Net Magazine, Saveur, and many more. Julia recently launched her travel magazine, Saison.