Microservices architecture

Jiří Riedl




Everyone’s talking, writing, and arguing about microservices. Do you need them? Do you understand what they bring to you and more importantly, what will happen to you? Can you design them well and maintain them? Jiří will look at how to kill a promising startup with exaggerated conference attendance and by following cool news (i.e. crumbling software into a microservice, which will then become a distributed monolith) and conversely, how to bury a long-standing business just because of sloths who are afraid to bring in the shovels.

He’s an algorithm and software engineering fanatic. So he’s can be a bit insufferable and meticulous —he’ll readily debate with you about design patterns and anti-patterns and within half an hour will break the architecture of your cool new product or throw developers out the door who sadly believe that not writing tests is completely normal.