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An overview of React 18 features #Frontendisti

  • Tereza Vaňková

    Tereza Vaňková
    Software Engineer Deepnote ReactGirls Founder
  • Břetislav Proft

    Břetislav Proft
    Front-end Developer Pipedrive


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12:20 - 12:40
Lucerna Cinema

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An overview of React 18 features #Frontendisti

What’s new in React 18? You may have already heard about React’s new Concurrent Mode, which is one of the most important additions to React and should update React's rendering model. Let's take a deep dive into other new features, such as Automatic Batching and Transition. You will also hear about new hooks, learnhow and when to use them, and much more. It will make you fall in love with React again! This talk is for everyone, not just frontend developers.

Tereza Vaňková

Tereza is software engineer at Deepnote, focusing on frontend (mostly) React development. She also founded and organised the educational community ReactGirls, where she helps women learn to code with React along with other developers helping women to learn coding with React.

Břetislav Proft

Břetislav is a frontend developer at Pipedrive. He gradually moved from full-stack to frontend and now specialises in React development. Outside of work, he tries to actively participate in community education and organises meetups for


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