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Petr Andrýsek

Petr Andrýsek

Co-founder & CMO



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12:00 - 12:40
Marble Hall

Talk Focus


Igniting Health Revolution in Gaming

After 10 years of selling marketing services to clients, Petr had the chance to use all the tactics he’d learned to build his own company, assessing where he had gone wrong and how he could improve. Building a brand – especially in a whole new category of a very specific industry like gaming – can bring unexpected challenges and huge opportunities if done right, which is what it takes to become a market leader. In this talk, Petr will share what it takes to build a D2C community-powered brand for gamers’ health.

Petr Andrýsek

Petr Andrýsek is the Co-Founder and CMO of MADMONQ, a company that created the first health and performance supplement, specifically tailored for gamers’ nutritional needs. Prior to joining MADMONQ, Petr founded Socialsharks, a leading social media agency, where he scaled the company to over 50 team members with a global presence across eight countries. With over ten years of marketing experience, Petr has worked with more than 500 companies and 1,000 brands to plan, develop, and execute marketing and influencer strategies.


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