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Vitaly Friedman

Vitaly Friedman

Creative lead and Co-founder

Smashing Media


09:30 - 18:00
FIVE Office Building, Na Valentince 4, Prague 5

Workshop Focus


New Adventures in Front-End, 2022

With HTTP/3, ES Modules, Jamstack, PWA, TypeScript, WebAssembly, AVIF, JPEG-XL, Variable Fonts, CSS Custom Properties, Logical Properties and clamp(), Client Hints and Resource Hints, CSS Container Queries, we all are still trying to figure out just the right strategy for building websites and apps efficiently. We want to use all of these technologies and smart processes, but how can we use them efficiently, and how do we achieve that within a reasonable amount of time?

We’ll explore a resilient, actionable strategy for building fast, scalable experiences. We’ll look into accessibility, text compression, image optimization, web font delivery, critical CSS, CSS layouts, JavaScript delivery, and improving Core Web Vitals along with performance bottlenecks. We will also explore tooling, how to make sense of DevTools network waterfalls and performance flame charts, WebPageTest, and a few little utilities along the way.

In this workshop, Vitaly Friedman, co-founder of Smashing Magazine and front-end/UX consultant, will be looking into the state of front-end in 2022, with new challenges and new opportunities, and how we can utilize all of those wonderful shiny web technologies we have available today.

We’ll also talk about dealing with legacy browsers and will cover a few dirty little techniques that might ensure that your websites and apps will stay relevant, flexible and accessible in the years to come. Beware: you won’t be able to unlearn the things that you’ll learn in the workshop!

This full-day workshop is only available for participants who attend on-site.


• Component-based workflow and tooling, with helpful tools and resources to boost dev environment,
• Front-end accessibility with common solutions, patterns and tooling,
• Text compression with Brotli, and practical tips,
• Localization and internationalization with techniques and tooling,
• Image and video optimization (AVIF, AV1, JPEG-XL, formats, delivery techniques and tooling),
• Bulletproof Web font loading strategies and recipes,
• Variable Fonts and how to get started with them,
• Organizing CSS and Critical CSS to optimize delivery and minimize reflows,
• CSS Custom Properties cascade, and how to use and build with them,
• Advanced CSS layout techniques, such as CSS Grid + CSS Custom Properties + CSS Container Queries,
• CSS Houdini and Shadow DOM, what it means and useful practical techniques,
• State of JavaScript 2022, ES modules, progressive hydration with React, bundlers, tooling and how to manage performance bottlenecks for single-page-applications,
• Static site generators, how and when they fit into play with the JAM Stack.
• Deferring and lazy-loading JavaScript to make best use of browser’s rendering routine,
• Cache-Control, CORS and eTags, with a few gotchas, pain points and misconceptions,
• Predictive prefetching of data and JavaScript chunks to improve perceived performance,
• Refactoring and debugging strategies, tooling and workflow,
• 3rd-party scripts, how to deal with them using IntersectionObserver,
• Rendering performance, and how to use WebAssembly and Web Workers for runtime performance optimization,
• Network Information API and Memory Device API, how to use them to improve performance,
• Utilizing Service Workers for caching and better performance,
• Performance optimization strategy (best practices, HTTP/2, HTTP/3 + Service Workers), including transition from HTTP to HTTPS in legacy projects,
• HTTP/3 and Core Web Vitals, how to bundle and deliver assets,
• HTML email in 2021, how to deal with Gmail, Apple Mail, Outlook, other email clients, with templates and tooling,
• GDPR and privacy legislation, the implication of it for web developers,
• Legacy browsers, the maintenance issues and dealing with it,
• Common front-end challenges and solutions and important new challenges and opportunities to keep in mind.

This full-day workshop is only available for participants who attend on-site.

Vitaly Friedman

Vitaly Friedman loves beautiful content and does not give up easily. From Minsk in Belarus, he studied computer science and mathematics in Germany, discovered the passage a passion for typography, writing and design. After working as a freelance designer and developer for 6 years, he co-founded Smashing Magazine, a leading online magazine dedicated to design and web development. Vitaly is the author, co-author and editor of all Smashing books. He currently works developing the new Smashing Memberships around the globe!


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