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Ondřej Polesný

Ondřej Polesný

Developer Evangelist

Kontent by Kentico


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14:00 - 14:40
Lucerna Cinema

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How not to fail when choosing a modern Jamstack framework #Frontendisti

Gatsby and Next are currently the most popular advanced static site frameworks. We are currently still undergoing a migration from Gatsby to Next as we were unhappy with build times and the lack of flexibility of Gatsby. In this talk, I'd like to introduce the reasons why Gatsby was not an ideal fit for us, why we chose Next.js as our target platform, what roadblocks we hit, and whether we would do things differently now that both frameworks evolved a lot towards supporting enterprise-level projects and use-cases.

Ondřej Polesný

Ondřej is a Jamstack enthusiast, mainly focused on React and Vue-based tools. As a Developer Evangelist at Kontent by Kentico, he constantly stays connected with in-house and partner developers, which brings him closer to many interesting digital projects built with various tools. Always interested in problems that everyone claims have no solution, Ondřej enjoys building the architecture of components or applications and figuring out how all parts fit together. He also creates videos and speaks at conferences and podcasts.


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