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Karel Dytrych

Karel Dytrych




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14:00 - 14:40
Lucerna Gallery

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ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION: Best practices for SaaS user onboarding

SaaS companies lose up to 75% of users in the first week. Great user onboarding can help you reduce the rate of attrition. Let's chat with Karel Dytrych about all activities that helps your customers start receiving value from your product ASAP.

How do roundtable discussions work?
- Every roundtable discussion includes 5 active participants and a moderator to run the discussion.
- Each participant will prepare a question about the chosen topic to discuss. Please come prepared with a question and be prepared to discuss the questions other participants ask.
- The roundtable discussion lasts a total of 40 minutes, including:
             o 5 MINUTES: A quick introduction from each participant about who you are and what you do.
             o 35 MINUTES: Interactive discussions about each question (7 minutes per question).
- Other conference attendees are welcome to quietly watch the roundtable discussion. There will always be about 15 chairs set up for an audience. We’ll also be live streaming the discussion for attendees who can’t attend in person

Don't worry if you run out of time! Feel free to continue talking with other participants after the official roundtable discussion ends.

Karel Dytrych

Karel simplifies other people’s businesses. With Freelo, his goal is to simplify how people work. Karel has always enjoyed talking about business, values, and life, so he started his own podcast. He’s also one of the organizers of SaaSkaři meetups. Besides work, he also loves sports, traveling, and a healthy lifestyle. He likes experimenting with new things.


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