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The Pragmatist’s Guide to Joyful CSS Theming

Do you dream of reaching the heady heights inhabited by styling wizards? Maybe you are a styling wizard already but fancy skipping the boring, repetitive parts and dream of a world where CSS themes could be automagically generated? Well wizards and muggles you’re in for a treat. With just a smidge of static-analysis (or “scraping” as we used to call it in the good ol’ days), we can now make our browser do the hard work to build a theme for us and let us concentrate on the good stuff such as detail and flair.

George Adamson

Senior Manager, Experience Technology @ Publicis Sapient

George is a seasoned front end dev who has consulted on web experiences through just about every sector you can think of. He’s currently helping Unilever nurture a gazillion brand websites. Big fan of getting the basics right and using the platform. Semantic mark-up FTW. He enjoys prunes, Web Components and keeping chickens.