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Sketching for UX Designers

Sketching should be an inherent part of a design process, it's an essential skill to develop for anyone designing digital products or services. By the end of this intense, 2-hour long UX sketching workshop, you will be able to sketch user interfaces, user flows and storyboards, and you'll also get a lot of tips on sketching more efficiently, and on how to work on your sketching skills after the workshop.

What you'll learn

This workshop showcases how sketching can be used during a design process. Here are some examples:
- It is a great tool for ideation (for both individual brainstorming and collaborative methods)
- It helps you create a shared understanding with your team and your clients, and facilitate meetings, design workshops
- It's also for thinking through user flows, sketching out user interfaces
- It's a quick and efficient way of creating wireframes, paper prototypes and other design artifacts
- It also makes synthesizing research data more efficiently
- It's great for documentation purposes

Who should register

This workshop is for you if you are a designer working on digital products or services, and if you want to utilize sketching in order to boost your design process with pen & paper! And don't forget: sketching is not about being able to draw, you won't need any artistic skills, and no previous knowledge or sketching skill is required to attend this workshop.

Krisztina Szeróvay

Senior Experience Designer @ Fintechlab & Freelancer

Krisztina Szerovay is an experience designer, visual thinker & UX mentor. She has 12.000+ students on Udemy, her courses are about sketching and development fundamentals for UX designers. She created 100 UX Knowledge Base Sketches, these are one-page summaries of important UX methods & concepts. She also runs a UX-related visual library building challenge. She teaches data visualization and ideation methods at several Hungarian design courses. She loves board games, video games and roller coasters. Fun fact: she studied at the Masaryk University in Brno & lived near the Starobrno Beer Factory :)