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Psychology of needs and desires

WED 22.9.
14:00 - 14:40
Marble Hall
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Picture the perfect user of your service.
Got it?
Now, imagine your first encounter.
See it?
Now, ask yourself:
How would you like it to end?
Are you focused on their well-being or pure happiness? Do you want them to crave more or be totally satisfied? 
Should they be amused or peaceful? 

Do you already understand the difference? Don’t come. But if you would like to see the difference — let’s talk. Come learn how to deconstruct the way you work with your needs.

Adam Vodička

Creative support @ Lidi z Baru, Founder @ Anybody

Adam Vodička is an experience designer based in Brno, Czech Republic, where he continuously develops his skills that combine his passion for psychology, art, and hospitality. His latest project “Anybody” is a blend of a role-playing game, relationship transformation, and a hotel — all in one. Adam’s main focus is searching for new and surprising ways to create human happiness.


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