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Mentor Hour

WED 22.9.
15:00 - 16:50
Lucerna Passage
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Meet the minds behind the successful projects/companies and get advice from people who’ve done it all before. Mentor hours connect WebExpo attendees with established experts to help solve problems, get new ideas, and much more.

Our mentors are happy to help with:

Roman: #Product, #ProductManagement, #Innovation, #Entrepreneurship, #Startups, #Marketing, #Customers, #Data, #Growth

Robin: #eCommerce #LeadGeneration #Websites #Strategy #DigitalStrategy #ServiceDesign #UX #Research #UserResearch #Qualitative #Quantitative #CRO

Vojta: #JS #TS #React #Angular #Testing #UI #UX #Git

Honza: #JS, #TS, #DOM, #HTML, #REST, #Tooling

Roman Sterly

Product manager @ Showmax

Roman is a product manager at Showmax that delivers the best Subscription Video-On-Demand experience on the African continent. Prior to Showmax, Roman gained his product management experience from his own startups and building video-related products in Livesport. Besides product and customers, he is passionate about entrepreneurship, startups, marketing, and sales. When not working, you can find him doing all sorts of sports or outdoor activities or traveling.

Vojta Oupický

Frontend Developer @ Showmax

Vojta is a frontend developer at Showmax. Before Showmax, Vojta worked in both big tech companies and small startups from where he gained most of his experience. When it comes to writing code, he likes to take advantage of all the tools available - all the things from keyboard shortcuts to type systems. 

Honza Molnár

Frontend Developer @ Showmax

Honza studied SW and Web engineering at CTU FEE/FIT. Before joining Showmax as a web application developer, he worked at corporation which owns trademark to JavaScript. In spare time, Honza created over twenty websites. He is a web technologies and free software devotee. Interested in civil society, politics, architecture, food, conversations. He is a husband and father.

Robin Janásek

Head of Research and Design @ Proof & Reason

Robin is currently the leader of the Research and Design team in the Proof & Reason digital agency. He focuses on e-commerce solutions and corporate lead-generation websites mostly from the strategic point of view. During his career he has helped clients such as EG.D, Wolters Kluwer, Top obaly, or Dům zahraniční spolupráce. He has a wide range of experience with all the design process phases – research, prototyping and designing, user testing, and implementation supervision.


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