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Learning to See Again: Why We Should Ditch Our Devices More Often and How to Do It

We’ll talk about how our device dependence is causing us to:

1. Lose focus (as a parent, a professional, a member of society)

2. Need social reinforcement to feel valuable

3. Lose our creativity

This practical talk will guide you through these three issues and show you how to resist the trap of device dependence.

Jeanne Trojan

Executive Communication Coach

Jeanne Trojan is a freelance Executive Communication Trainer & Coach, showing her clients how to successfully communicate their ideas and engage their audiences.
She works with leaders and tech professionals from multinational organizations in places as diverse as UAE, India, Malaysia, the US and throughout Europe.
Jeanne’s American, but has lived in Prague since 1995. She shared her observations of Czechs in her TEDx talk Rejecting Normal. She is also the founder of the Prague Professional Community.
Jeanne has been a fan of WebExpo since she first attended in 2010 and is excited to be presenting in 2020.