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Lead-boosting best practices for running B2B webinars

WED 22.9.
13:00 - 13:40
Marble Hall
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In this talk, we won't be covering why webinars are important for B2B companies. Obviously, they are! But Gonzalo still sees many webinars that can do a little better.

You'll hear about the importance of good topic selection and formulation, landing pages and their promotion, as well as other best practices that we will cover in this talk.

Also, Gonzalo will share some solutions to anticipate possible problems regarding lack of registrations, show-offs, or low-quality leads.

This is a very practical talk from the first to the last minute, and full of takeaways for you.

Gonzalo Fernandéz

Online Marketing Specialist @ Unicorns Lab

A passionate online marketer, advertiser and PR specialist. Gonzalo started his career 16 years ago in the world of advertising agencies as a copywriter in Spain, where he worked for brands such as Mercedes Benz, Chrysler, SOS-Kinderdorf, and Digital+. During these years, he was constantly reinventing himself as an online PR specialist, a blogger, a community manager, and a YouTuber. However, as the marketing world grows and companies face new challenges, he has become deeply invovled in the world of PPC. He has been working for the reputed marketing mentor and strategist Marketa Kabatova at uLab for the last 4 years. His  multidisciplinary experience enables him to not only execute marketing strategies but also create them for other companies in the Czech Republic. His "Czech portfolio" includes impressive clients like Rossum AI, Legito, Webnode, and the Machine Learning Prague and WebExpo conferences (so he really knows how to make our attendees happy).


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