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How to Build a chatbot that converts

TUE 21.9.
15:00 - 16:55
Marble Hall
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The use of messaging platforms is higher than ever before. The number of users using chat apps and the time they spend engaging with them increases exponentially every year.  In fact, it’s become essential to include messenger in any marketing strategy—and that includes chatbots. But how do you create a chatbot that adapts to your business and converts potential customers? You need a strong, clear strategy behind it.

In this workshop, Tomás will cover how to design a full messenger marketing funnel, following a structure and strategy that is easy to replicate. He'll focus on playing it safe with Facebook rules while building a messenger chatbot that can convert and prioritize end-user experience. The workshop will be based on the ManyChat service.

Tomás Escobar

Messenger marketing specialist & chatbot architect @ The chatbot academy

Tomás studied industrial engineering and electronic engineering. After living in China (the world leader of the chatbot industry) where he had the opportunity to initiate himself in the incredible world of messenger marketing and chatbots, he headed back to Europe and founded The Chatbot Academy. The goal of Chatbot Academy is to experiment and teach anything and everything relates to bots and messenger marketing. Tomás is enthusiastic and passionate—putting love and heart into everything that he does.


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