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Having satisfied customers isn’t good enough anymore

What questions Monika will answer:
How to achieve more than a satisfied customer? Where in the new project or product development process does a Customer Success job start? Which teams does Customer Success have to cooperate with so that the result is at its maximum?

Two main areas Monika will cover:
Customer Success function and how we perceive it at Teamio / LMC.
Third-party tools yes or no? I say yes! Anything that helps to be more agile and takes some work off developers makes sense. I will share with you which tools we are using for customer experience and user experience testing, i.e. Intercom, Inline Manual, Customer Journey.

Monika Štekrová

Customer Success Manager @ LMC

Monika is a leader of Customer Experience @ LMC where she founded a Customer Success department from scratch within 2 years. Now she is leading an international team and pursues Customer Experience inspired by Ian Golding.
Her department is constantly growing and is valued throughout the company. Teamio, our ATS product, has an incredible NPS of 48. The highest in 14 years history of the app and also very high for an B2B application.