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Coding a 4K time-lapse camera that continuously captures for $100 with open-source tools

TUE 21.9.
13:00 - 13:40
Lucerna Cinema
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As a web developer and photographer, Steven thought the idea of coding his own camera sounded like a simple enough project. As it turns out, building a crappy one is simple, but producing high-quality results requires a lot more effort. In this talk, Steven will show you how to create an affordable time-lapse camera using Raspberry Pi components that delivers compelling, 4K time-lapse shoots for under $100. Plus, he’ll share some neat time-lapse processing tricks that can be applied to any video or image sequence.

Steven Wright

Freelance Photographer & Web Developer @ LetsLapse

Steven is a freelance photographer and web developer who has mixed these two disciplines over the last 20 years. Quality content and communication is key to any website’s success, and Steven strives to bring these creative and technical fields together to deliver elegant and simple client solutions. Balancing paid and side projects is an ongoing motivation, which helps him maintain enthusiasm for all-things online from pet passion projects to jobs that pay the bills.


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