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Closing Remarks

WED 22.9.
17:55 - 18:00
Lucerna Great Hall
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Šárka Štrossová and Michal Illich summarize 2 days full of talks and discussions.

Šárka Štrossová, Petr Burian
Lucerna Great Hall

Šárka Štrossová

CEO @ WebExpo

Šárka is the heart and soul of WebExpo. She’s been flitting around WebExpo since 2010 as part of its organizational team, but she officially began running the conference from March 2015. She is also co-founder of Machine Learning Prague Conference. She studied international business at the University of Economics in Prague during taking a job at EduFórum, where she organized events. She loves charts, coding, high heels, and soft serve ice cream from Světozor. And yes, in that exact order.

Michal Illich

Owner @ WebExpo

Founder of Jyxo,,, Wikidi and


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