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Building an automated superwarehouse

WED 22.9.
12:00 - 12:40
Lucerna Cinema
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After ShipMonk decided to build their warehouse management system from scratch, the company experienced unprecedented flexibility and scalability of its warehouse capacity. Not only can ShipMonk deploy a new working warehouse within days, it can also optimize virtually any process by redesigning it within days or weeks. In this talk, David Pavlik walks you through the unique software architecture and design of the warehouse, which combines the power of automation with super efficient staff.

David Pavlík

CTO @ ShipMonk

David Pavlík, ShipMonk Chief Technology Officer, is responsible for defining and driving technology vision of one of the most successful startups in the emerging fulfillment industry. David brings experience from a variety of roles such as technical program manager at Netflix or software engineer at SpaceX.


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