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Better future requires better organisations!

Comfortable everyday work routines are keeping us away from asking ourselves questions about how ‘what we work on’ and ‘who we work for’ affect the world out there. At the same time we read articles about all the risks mankind will be facing in the coming decades. Unfortunately rarely connecting the dots between the majority of our daily productive time (time we spend in our jobs) and the risks.

Living, working in 2020, and considering that we want to have a bright future for ourselves and future generations must lead to reconsideration of what we really stand for. Once we have that answer another one follows - how everyone of us as an individual can make the largest impact? I believe we can start where we spend most time every working day. Help design better organisations which not only behave responsibly but whose business and operations become future-proof. They will inspire society subsequently. You’ll be surprised how many opportunities sit really close to you!

David's performance will inspire you to important reflections: ‘Am I providing back to the world as much as I’m getting?’, ‘Am I able to challenge the status quo in the organisation I work for?’, ‘What are the first initiatives I can start with in my organisation?’ and ultimately ‘Am I working for the right company?’.

What would be your answers?

David Tuč

Strategic Design & Innovation Leader

David Tuč is a strategic design and innovation leader, design thinker, service & UX designer and an unshakable fighter for meaningfulness.

He has always been more ambitious and committed to meaningfulness any corporate in the region was able to stand. David co-founded Stride XL, a top-notch service and product design company that helps companies to create successful business models, products and services while delivering positive effect to our planet and mankind.

Stride XL also runs its own projects focused on solving some of the most painful problems our planet and society suffer.