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Behind the scenes of a global travel technology startup

WED 22.9.
17:00 - 17:40
Marble Hall
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The global travel market is extremely fragmented. Whether you’re flying, traveling by train, or taking a bus or ferry — there are thousands of operators of all sizes and hundreds of local websites and apps. But with hardly any standards at all, traveling abroad has become quite a challenge, especially if you’re traveling on the ground.  And that’s where Omio comes in.

Martin invites you to peek under the hood of a leading global travel tech startup. You will learn how Omio used technology to make travel easy for everyone, what challenges the team had to overcome to connect thousands of different data sources to our platform, and how they evolved their tech stack to ship substantially more value without expanding the engineering team.

Martin Cízler

Vice President of Engineering @ Omio

Martin is a seasoned tech leader who decided to leave corporate waters and go help build Omio, a startup that aims to disrupt the way people travel. At Omio, Martin heads up the engineering organization behind several key business areas — MarTech, B2B and Global inventory integration.


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