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B2B on Social media. It's time to do business here and beyond!

It's all about having the right targeting. In 40 minutes, you will learn how to create a network where 100% of your followers are relevant for your business and you also for them. This talk will allow you to:

- Have a network that helps you in your sales
- Reach new markets easily 
- Get more engagement with your content than in any other social media profile
- Make meaningful connections for your company

I will not make you feel lost in a huge list of tools. I will give you just 1 tool to use and very specific tips to apply to your narrative based on my own experience.

Gonzalo Fernandéz

Online Marketing Specialist @ Unicorns Lab

Passionate Online Marketer, Advertiser, and PR specialist. Gonzalo started his career 15 years ago in the world of Advertising Agencies as a copywriter in Spain where he worked for brands such as Mercedes Benz, Chrysler, SOS-Kinderdorf, and Digital+. During these years, he has been constantly reinventing himself, by continuing to work as an Online PR specialist, blogger, community manager, and YouTuber. 

However, since the marketing field constantly brings new opportunities, Gonzalo got deep into the world of PPC by working for the reputed marketing strategist and his mentor Marketa Kabatova at uLab for the last 4 years. Having this multi-disciplinary experience allows him now to not only execute marketing strategies but also create them for companies in the Czech Republic. In his "Czech portfolio", he has worked for clients such as Rossum AI, Legito, Webnode and the conferences Machine Learning Prague and WebExpo (so he really knows how to make our attendees happy).

90s fact: Prince fan since 1992 (Year of his favorite Album "Love Symbol").