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TUE 21.9.
12:00 - 12:40
Marble Hall
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Our daily work routines keep us from asking the hard questions about what we work on and who we work for affect the rest of the world. Rarely, if ever, do we take the time to connect the dots between our professional lives and the problems we may face in the coming decades. After living and working through 2020, it’s time to reconsider what we stand for—especially if we have any chance of creating a bright, sustainable future. 

So, how can each of us as an individual make the largest impact? The best place to start is the place you spend the majority of your working days. Designing better organizations not only ensures they will behave more responsibly but will help future-proof their business and operating models. You’ll be surprised how many opportunities are right in front of you! 

David's talk will inspire you to consider: Do you get back as much as you give? Are you ready to challenge the status quo in your organization? What initiatives should you start with? And ultimately, the most important question—are you working for the right company? 

David Tuč

Strategic Design & Innovation Leader

David Tuč is a strategic design and innovation leader, design thinker, product and UX designer, and an unshakable fighter for meaningfulness. He has always been more ambitious and committed to achieving meaningfulness than any company was able to stand. 

David co-founded Stride XL, a top-notch service and product design company that helps companies create successful business models, products, and services while delivering positive effects to our planet and humankind. Stride XL also runs its own projects focused on solving some of the most painful problems currently facing our planet and society.


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