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2030: A design odyssey

In the last decade, the way we design and build our products has been constantly evolving but are we really prepared for what's coming the next 10 years? 

For this talk, we'll go on a little space adventure and in our first stop we find the next generation of design tools, which are using code to completely transform the relationship between designers and developers.

Then we'll explore the new world of Design APIs and how it will have a massive role in the democratisation of design for future generations.

As we prepare to end our mission, we're intrigued by a new way of communication. Is this some kind of universal design language? Seems like design tools are finally able to talk to each other, but is this even real?

Let's discover together what the future of design (and development) looks like!

Bernardo Raposo

Senior Software Engineer @ SingleStore

Bernardo is a multidisciplinary engineer with a big passion for design. He's a big open-source advocate and spends most of his free time exploring the human side of technology.