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3D PRINTING WORKSHOP + Lounge area for parents with babies

TUE 21.9.
16:00 - 17:30
WebExpo Kids
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During the 3D printing workshop (not only for children), Tomáš will explain what 3D printing is, how a 3D printer looks like and how it works. Tomáš will also show how to create a printable model and finally print it.

Required age: 9+

WebExpo Kids

Tomáš Kapler

Marketing Director @ Revolt BI

Tomáš Kapler is well-known to the public, especially for the CoroVent ventilator project, which he founded and managed at the beginning of the pandemic. However, his common profession is digital marketing, which he managed for several large Czech and international brands (, Tefal ...). In addition, he is a big fan of 3D technologies and modern scientific education of children, for example, he works at the Education Office of the European Space Agency.