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WED 22.9.
17:00 - 17:20
Lucerna Cinema
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NOTE: Live Q&A will take place here:

We live in a digital world. Our online presence defines who we are as professionals. In this talk, we’ll explore what it means to be a a personal brand and how to develop a content strategy designed to reach an international audience. 

The talk is structured to give you as much practical value as possible. Eva will go through each platform she uses, walk you through the strategy, and take a deep dive into her analytics (and yes, that means there will be numbers). 

We will explore different tips and tricks to save time (e.g., outsourcing and repurposing content) because we are all busy. Creating content online doesn't need to take the whole day.

Eva Kuttichová

Independent Product & Interaction Designer

Eva is an independent Product and Interaction Designer focused on innovative mobile applications, web applications, and future tech — mainly AR/VR. She has worked for companies such as Osmo, E-line Media, STRV, Toptal, and Vodafone. She has created products from pixel zero for several startups.


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