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User Research for a non-existing physical product? Challenge accepted!

During the last year I had a great opportunity to lead the team responsible for designing the next generation of Digital Print Press at HP Indigo for physical and digital experiences both. The main challenge of the project was enabling users to simulate interaction with a complex machine that did not yet exist. In order to overcome the challenge, my team and I conducted a year-long research that consisted of three steps: learning about our users and uncovering their main pain points; designing UX solutions for the most painful areas; and finally creating a true-to-size (12 meters long) carton prototype. We used carton to build our prototype which in addition to being a cheap material, enabled us to create dynamic elements that simulate almost real interaction with the press and enabled our users to feel and interact with the press, and us to measure ease of use and ensure that our solution fits users' needs and capabilities.

In my lecture I'll cover the research process, describe different methods we've used in our research, answer questions that concern each researcher and UXer, such as how to engage people in a large organization for the benefit of user research and how a simple prototype can help you in planning your product.

Anna Bloom


Head of Experience @ HP

Anna Bloom is a UX leader with 8 years of experience in all aspects of UX, design and research and 4 years managerial experience. Nowadays, Anna is a Technical UX Lead at HP, where she and her team lead the vision of the next generation of HP's digital print. Prior to HP, Anna worked at a digital agency managing a team of 10 UXers, creating UX concepts and designs for dozens of innovative and strategic solutions.