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FRI 20.9.
10:00 - 10:25
Lucerna Great Hall
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Oobah Butler

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Filmmaker and writer

Oobah Butler is an English best-selling author, journalist and filmmaker. He is best known for creating The Shed at Dulwich, the project he made for Vice Magazine where he made the shed he lived in the top-rated restaurant in London on TripAdvisor, despite having never served a dish. He also faked his way into Paris Fashion Week as a jeans designer, Georgio Peviani like he did in his latest video - again gathering over 20 million views online - or sending fake versions of himself to be on TV around the world, his ambition is to explore different worlds in an interesting, contemporary way.

In April 2019, his debut book How to Bullsh*t Your Way To Number 1 was published by Where Publications in America, as confirmed in a December 2018 interview with Forbes. It became a #1 USA Today best-seller in humor in May 2019.