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Kids’ Talk: What does a robot drive? (In Czech)

SAT 21.9.
11:55 - 12:10
T3 Coupé tram

During this talk, Tomas will explain and show you how a small robotic toy car works and what it has in common with remote control cars — and how they are different. In addition, you’ll find how much more fun you can have with a robotic car.

Lucerna Cinema Small Hall

Tomáš Jukin

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CTO @ Juicymo

Tomáš Jukin is a Co-founder and CTO at Juicymo and he works on juicy apps and products. He is an enthusiastic developer and software architect with a passion for AI, IoT, and Open Hardware. Tomáš loves to speak at development related conferences about AI and building Internet of Things platforms and he has built 3 cute robots already.