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Innovation in Emerging Markets: Helping Both Customers and Companies Get Ahead

FRI 20.9.
14:00 - 14:40
Lucerna Great Hall
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The next billion users will virtually all be on mobile, making a meaningful app presence of the utmost importance. This new user base will often rely on intermittent connectivity, have limited capacity on their mobile phones, and endure high mobile data costs. With conservation of expensive data and storage space as a top priority of these users, app publishers trying to reach these markets need to stand out and incentivize users to drive engagement and retention. 

With this in mind, Google created Engagement Rewards, a platform that streamlines the process of motivating users to take certain actions within your app, such as a user booking a trip and receiving rideshare credits in return. The initiative benefits companies, small to global, and users by providing a way for both parties to win. Join a Google expert to discuss how to deepen your footprint in high-growth global markets by rewarding actions that matter in your app. Further, learn about the future of mobile app technology and how you can best use Engagement Rewards to drive user acquisition, activation, engagement, and purchase in emerging markets like Indonesia, India, and Brazil and in the U.S.

Sumeet Sharma

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Head of Business Development @ Next Billion Users at Google

Sumeet Sharma leads Business Development in Southeast Asia for the Next Billion Users team at Google. Prior to this role, he worked at YouTube distribution and content acquisition for 7 years in the U.S., Australia, and Singapore. Before Google, Sumeet worked at various startups in Silicon Valley which raised venture funding or were acquired. Sumeet currently resides in Singapore.