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Jiří Hrdlička

Senior Consultant at Quadient


Where have all the startups gone?

I saw the headlines many times before...

...they told me, that this will change the world!

Now I am getting 404 error and I am asking “where have all the startups gone?”. My speech will bring you few years back, I will take you for a walk-through the compilation of startups and inventions, which were about to become a star, but for some reason it never happened. I will help you to understand, what was the main reason of their failure and how to avoid this in your own business. Feel free to come, if you are still evaluating all the ideas in your head or even if you are just curious and maybe a bit nostalgic.

About Jiří Hrdlička

Jirka was managing software projects, but then he decided to join the dark side of never-ending lines of code and of course cookies as well. So since that time, he is transforming customer ideas into successful projects in banking, printing and insurance companies from all over the world. Jirka was also a passionate traveller currently watching only travel movies while playing with his 1-year-old son :-)