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Miroslav Pecka

Web & Analytics Consultant at

Web | Linkedin

Web Developers, Make Your Online Marketer Happy

Online marketers, web developers, and clients can save both time and money if they understand each other. Marketers need data about the behavior of their website users--and they can't get that data without the support of the web developers on their team. 

At Miroslav's talk, he'll share five examples of web development solutions that your marketing team will love! All the solutions are reusable and can be incorporated into your CMS or libraries. This talk is a one-time investment that will help you keep your clients happy and save you time on every project you work on in the future.

About Miroslav Pecka

Miroslav likes connecting IT & marketing people. He is helping clients to reach marketing goals through technical solutions – combining his 10+ years web development and web analytics experience. Miroslav hates repetitive work and strives for building reusable solutions. These solutions have saved hundreds of hours in agencies and FG Forrest.