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Vittorio Cioe

Sr. Sales Consultant at Oracle


Using MySQL as a document store: Not Only SQL!

Utilizing MySQL as a document store and storing data in a NO SQL fashion it is not only possible, but it also brings the advantages of NO SQL operations together with the power of a relational database. Combining this two aspects it is possible to get fast access to data for applications which want to benefit of the simplicity of NO SQL, but also it is possible to benefit of the granularity of SQL operations for rich analytics and insights. In the end, using MySQL as a document store, NO SQL takes the meaning of Not Only SQL!

About Vittorio Cioe

Vittorio spent now almost a decade working for some of the leading technology companies of the globe, focusing on multiple aspects of the technology business. He has been working in the past with infrastructure and application layer security, but also with middleware and web-performance for companies like Symantec, Akamai, CA Technologies. His long-lasting passion for open-source and for database technologies brought him to Oracle working with MySQL, the leading open source database in the market.