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Matteo Cavucci

Senior Consultant at ThoughtWorks

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The right stuff - orchestrating experiments at scale

Ideas are never a problem. Each team working on a software project knows how easy is to fill the backlog with 100 new things to build. The most challenging part comes when it's necessary to make decisions about what to include or exclude. How can we connect the work to high-level business results, and at the same time, leave the space for exploring uncertainty? This talk describes an outcome-first approach to strategy and prioritization. With examples coming from the real-life experience of teams ranging from retail to automotive, it shows how it's possible to balance team autonomy and a global product direction. How a value-based prioritization creates an adaptive, learning culture, enabling cross-functional and collaborative decision making.

About Matteo Cavucci

Matteo is a tech consultant and design thinking practitioner. For more than a decade, he helped knowledge-based organizations, especially design-driven companies, to implement better ways of doing business. Coming from a liberal art background, he has a wide experience in leading high-performance teams across the research/design/development spectrum. His job focuses on dissolving boundaries between design, development, and operations of digital products, empowering individuals and teams. He’s currently working as a senior consultant at ThoughtWorks, helping multidisciplinary teams to grow and practicing agile fluency.