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Behshad Behzadi

Distinguished Engineer at Google


The Age of Assistance

AI is powering the next paradigm shift in Human-Machine Interaction - shifting from an era where humans had to learn how to interact with machines, to a new era where machines adapt to humans.

In his talk, Behshad will provide an insider's view into the AI driving this, as well as do a live demo of the state of the art implementation of this technology, using the Google Assistant.

About Behshad Behzadi

Behshad leads a team of over 100 Engineers focused on developing the Google Assistant, one of the company’s most innovative and challenging computer science projects. The Assistant is built on Google's efforts in machine learning, speech language understanding, and speech recognition which enables people to get things done by talking to Google in a natural way.

Behshad joined Google Zurich in 2006 and has worked on various areas of Search, including Google Ranking, Alerts, Conversational Search, and Now on Tap.

Prior to Google, Behshad graduated from Ecole Polytechnique, where he received his PhD in Bioinformatics in 2002. He was later a post-doc researcher at the Max Plank Institute for Molecular Genetics, focusing on algorithmic comparative genomics.