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Pavel Cvetler

FlashScore development lead at Livesport

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Snail on Steroids, or The Old Technology Can Still Be Gold

Livesport’s websites are visited by more than 75 million people a month from all around the world. Over 50 million sports enthusiasts have already downloaded one of their mobile apps in the search for fast sports results and scores, statistics and more. They have to ensure they are ready not only for a large audience, but also prepared to handle peak traffic spikes on their servers during the biggest sports events.

Today, modern technology is capable of handling tens of thousands requests per second - but what if you can't use them? Livesport had to give the older technology wings so they could handle about 500,000 req/sec. And Pavel will now show you how they did it.

About Pavel Cvetler

Pavel joined Livesport in 2011 and quickly became an important part of the team by helping to develop Livesport's flagship brand, FlashScore. In March 2013, he started the development of the FlashScore mobile app for iOS, which was quickly followed by the Android version. Today, he's the leader of both the web and mobile teams in Livesport. The web team have developed websites that are being visited by as many as 75 million sports enthusiasts per month, and the mobile team's apps have been downloaded by more than 50 million users.