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Kinneret Yifrah

Microcopy Writer at Nemala

Web | Twitter | Linkedin

Microcopy: Your Users will Fall In love

Microcopy is the words on your digital product, that are guiding, motivating and delighting users. For example: Buttons, sign-up and login forms, error messages (and how to prevent them), input fields, mailing-list sign-up, hints, confirmation messages and more.

In this presentation, you'll get acquainted with principles and practical tools you can immediately implement on your digital product, in order to write experience evoking microcopy, enhance usability, boost up conversion rates and strengthen your brand. The presentation is illustrated by dozens of real life screenshots.

About Kinneret Yifrah

Kinneret is the leading microcopy (UX writing) expert in Israel. Her innovative book "Microcopy: The Complete Guide" is in daily use by professionals from more than 40 countries. She writes microcopy regularly and designs voice and tone for the largest local companies. Kinneret gives lectures and microcopy-writing workshops throughout the digital industry, and runs a blog on Medium.