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Tomáš Konrády

Senior FE Developer at Lundegaard

Twitter | Linkedin | Github

Live Demo: React.js portals and modern JS apps for CMS

React  Portals are often used to implement Tooltips, Popovers or Modal dialogs to avoid CSS scoping problems. We have developed new approach to use React Portals as a method to assemble several asynchronously loaded JavaScript applications into one single environment. You can look forward to a live demonstration of how to exploit this method for developing modern React applications within “JavaScript-not-so-friendly” platforms such as Wordpress, Liferay or Drupal. We call this project React-union and we have published the code as an open-source.

About Tomáš Konrády

Over the time Tomáš developed a strong preference for the functional paradigm in JS through the experience with programming in both Java and PHP languages. He is a big fan of Ramda.js, author of Ramda-extension and React-union open source project.