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Petr Pouchlý

Captain at Court of Moravia

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Juggling with cats: level PM

One thing is production magic of UX, wireframes, design concepts and coding and other thing is managing to deliver in proper time, proper quality and without loosing your mind. If you missing the luxury of working on only one big project in time led by experienced PM or Scrum master than you probably know the drill. Lots of project in same time, shady priorities, different sponsors, delays somewhere else in company, random changes called iterations,… you can name it yourself.


If there are more teams with same issues it can easily break the neck of a small independent studio as well as a big corp player. Key element to solve the mystery isn’t better agile technique but different style of communication and radical candor. Yeah, so simple, but it takes guts to start being open, honest and firm about needs and demands of yours and it needs balls to start the change. Let’s talk about this painful and necessary step to better project even (or maybe especially!) if you hate to communicate with the other morons. 

About Petr Pouchlý

Capt'n of design studio, holacracy and gamification evangelist. He blends 13 years of experience from the world of multinational corporations, where he worked as a wageslave of capitalism, mentoring small businesses and nonprofit projects, and leading liberal company. He’s taken the best from all perspectives for building of communities, team leadership, and achieving positive change. He’s crazy enough to keep in touch with Generation Y and patient enough to be able to translate their needs to older generations.