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Petr Václavík



Alena Oswaldová


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Human-Centered Advertising & Gatorade case study

Just as a sportsman cannot cross the finish line without first having his feet on the starting line, digital agencies should not sit at their desks and follow the old school idea making process. They should always start with understanding the user.

At 2FRESH we apply a Human-Centered Design approach to meet the needs of commercial communication. Because commercial communication, in dirty words advertising, can also help people when respecting and addressing their needs.  

We will describe the methodology which guides us through quantitative and qualitative research to understand consumer insights. Each of these steps are supported by testing prototypes. And finally, we will come to a working strategy, based on insights gained.

We will show you the process based on a real life example from the Gatorade brand. Gatorade was a sports drink fighting almost zero awareness when it was brought to the Czech market in early 2017. After less than two years it has gained an ever-growing community of people who understands the benefits of the brand.

About Petr Václavík

Petr has been at 2FRESH for 7 years. He is specialized in content strategies and workshops based on Human-Centered Design methods. While always looking for the right insight Petr supervises creative teams and leads people from making meaningful and functional concepts to the execution at the end.

About Alena Oswaldová

Digital lady who designs strategic plans with her 10+ years of experience in Marketing Communication. And also analogue lover with a growing passion for books and illustration. Or ideally illustrated books. Alena loves to ask the question Why?, especially when she goes for a sweaty run.